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Dallastown PA: 885 South Pleasant Ave. (717) 244-9900
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Wyndridge Farm soda

Farm Sodas


A Treat to Tickle Your Taste Buds.

Wyndridge Farm® non-alcoholic sodas are a nod to the old-fashioned fountain drinks of our past. Crisp, bubbly and full of flavor, Wyndridge’s sodas are a treat for the taste buds of all ages. Wyndridge uses all-natural ingredients and no refined sweeteners.

When Wyndridge’s cider master suggested creating non-alcoholic, old-fashioned, farm sodas … it got our creative juices flowing. The end result is two delicious bubbly treats for the whole family.

Wyndridge-Farm-Crafty-Cream-SodaCrafty Cream Farm Soda

Saddle up buckaroos … Wyndridge Farm Crafty Cream Soda is a down-on-the-farm old-fashioned soda that will excite your taste buds with its velvety blend of real vanilla beans and pure cane sugar. It’s rich, heavenly smooth and a true non-alcoholic treat.


Wyndridge-Farm-Crafty-Citrus-Apple-SodaCrafty Citrus-Apple Farm Soda

Wyndridge Farm wasn’t joking when it created this flavorful fun treat … a refreshing Crafty Citrus-Apple farm soda. Crafty Citrus-Apple is a fizzy delight that tickles the taste buds with a blend of crisp apples and a zing of fresh citrus juices. The result is a refreshing, clean, citrus-apple non-alcoholic farm soda.


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