Our Story

It All Started by Accident...

It was a typical gorgeous fall day in York county and Steve Groff was squeezing a twenty mile bicycle ride in before his daughter’s high school field hockey game. He had finished a handful of surgeries in the morning and was dreaming of a few well deserved days away with his wife Julie in Florida.

His busy fifteen year old orthopedic surgery practice and leadership role at the Orthopedic Hospital could make life pretty hectic, so work-life balance was something he worked hard at.

That day would bring change, as an hour into the ride, he woke up face down in the pavement, after being struck from behind by a motorist at 45 mph. He knew something wasn’t right. Helmet split in half, as well as the bike frame, still foggy from the concussion he later found himself staring at the bright lights of the trauma unit, a place he knew well as an orthopedic surgeon.

Ultimately, surgery was required to stabilize his neck injury and several other fractures. He eventually returned to his surgical practice after several months of recovery.

During his rehabilitation, he and his wife Julie, began to contemplate life after medicine and how they could use their old barn on their seventy-seven acre farm, known for years as Wyndridge Farm®. Dreaming together was something the couple often did, but they never imagined getting involved in hospitality.  The concept of craft beverage production, event space and a restaurant on a farm in Dallastown was born out of a serious accident which could have led to far worse long term consequences than a pain in the neck.

As the concept evolved, the Groff’s grew more and more confident that the project could be unique and draw people to their farm. Ultimately, they obtained a winery license, began making hard cider, renovated the barn, added a restaurant and craft brewery. Along the way, building a team of experts who would bring Wyndridge Farm to life. Wyndridge Farm is now a mid-Atlantic destination with stunning event space, a renowned restaurant and a world-class craft brewery and cidery.

Groff is thankful for an “act two” in life and now leads a company with his wife, that has over hundred employees. At The Farm everyone is welcome, and the Groff’s story is a reminder to celebrate life along the way.