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Our Wyndridge Farm Family

  • Steve GroffOwner
    BackSteve Groff

    Steve enjoys riding motorcycle, boating and playing guitar.

    Can’t decide which is his favorite beverage because they’re all delicious!

  • Julie GroffOwner
    BackJulie Groff

    Julie enjoys reading, boating and spending time with her grandchildren.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Dry Hopped

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Slightbend IPA

  • Jason Reese
    Jason ReeseCEO
    BackJason Reese

    Jason enjoys doing anything outdoors; Cycling, Running, occasionally golf and trying to keep up with his one-year-old son Graham.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    El Dorado Haze IPA

  • Bill DeVinney
    Bill DeVinneyDirector of Operations
    BackBill DeVinney

    Bill enjoys golfing with friends. He loves IPA’s so much, he couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Top three: Hazeway IPA, El Dorado Haze DIPA & Pomegranate Grapefruit IPA

  • Sandy Eckard
    Sandy EckardExecutive Assistant
    BackSandy Eckard

    In Sandy’s free time she enjoys boating and relaxing along the Susquehanna River with family and friends.

    Favorite Wyndridge Vines:
    Raspberry Riesling

  • Scott Topel, Cidermaker at Wyndridge Farm
    Scott TopelHead Cider Maker & Production Manager
    BackScott Topel

    In his spare hours, find Scott working his orchard and farm, mountain biking, playing steel string guitar and riding/wrenching vintage Honda Motorcycles.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Northern Spy

  • Irena Wise
    Irena WiseHead Brewer
    BackIrena Wise

    Unbelievably talented on the brew deck, when Irena is not brewing beer she enjoys doing yoga and attending jam band shows.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Her signature Sunset Lager

  • Brian Shields
    Brian ShieldsDirector of Sales
    BackBrian Shields

    An avid Philadelphia sports fan & Eagles season ticket holder, Brian enjoys tailgating, the great outdoors, live music, & spending quality time with his wife, Ericka and his 3 children – Maguire, Beckett, & Callahan Rose.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Apples & Oranges

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Brett Krosse
    Brett KrosseAgriculture & Facilities Manager
    BackBrett Krosse

    To say farming is something that’s in Brett’s blood is an understatement. He was born with a farmer’s soul and is kick A$$ at his job! Fun fact, Brett has skied all over the world, including all over North & South America, Sweden and the French Alps.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Northern Spy

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Shannon Smallwood
    Shannon SmallwoodContracts & Logistics Senior Manager
    BackShannon Smallwood

    Shannon is super spontaneous and enjoys doing fun things with her family and friends. If she’s not traveling, she is going to sporting events, concerts or watching the latest movies on Netflix.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Black Cherry

  • Ben Sette
    Ben SetteHead Chef
    BackBen Sette

    Ben loves spending time with his kids on his days off. He enjoys them by watching WrestleMania.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Amanda Rosbach
    Amanda RosbachTerritory Beverage Sales Manager
    BackAmanda Rosbach

    When Amanda isn’t on the road she enjoys going on runs with her dog, working out, and visiting different breweries with friends.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Honey Lavender

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Boreal Spruce IPA

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck TaylorCider Press Tech
    BackChuck Taylor

    On Chuck’s days off he enjoys fishing and hunting on his property.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Dennis Lehr
    Dennis LehrDelivery Driver
    BackDennis Lehr

    When Dennis is off he enjoys being with his wife, kids and new grandbaby.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Sunset Lager

  • Eric Jones
    Eric JonesTerritory Sales Manager
    BackEric Jones

    Eric spends most of his free time with is family. There are three places he can usually be found: his kid’s sporting events, the grill or around the patio fire pit.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Erica Sanders
    Erica SandersRestaurant Manager
    BackErica Sanders

    Erica’s hobbies included going to Oriole games and visiting the beach!

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Gold Rush

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Hunter Roloson
    Hunter RolosonSous Chef
    BackHunter Roloson

    Hunter loves experimenting with recipes and creating new dishes, both at work and home.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    River Hill Pils

  • Josh Riese
    Josh RieseWarehouse Technician
    BackJosh Riese

    When Josh isn’t conquering the warehouse he is working on his Jeep and tinkering with his gun collection.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Dry Hopped

  • Josh Slider
    Josh SliderBrewhouse Operator/Cellar Tech
    BackJosh Slider

    Josh likes to work on mini trucks and drink beer in his free time.

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Imperial Bourbon Barrel Stout

  • Liz Pappa
    Liz PappaTerritory Sales Manager
    BackLiz Pappa

    Fun fact that Liz has been glassblowing glassblowing for the past few years. It has been a challenging and creative outlet for her to make vessels she can pour beer in!

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Honey Lavender

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Passionfruit Lemongrass IPA

  • Shayla Button
    Shayla ButtonWedding Sales Manager
    BackShayla Button

    Shayla loves reading and can often be found curled up with her puppy, Rosie, a mug of coffee and a new book.

    Favorite Wyndridge Vines:
    Raspberry Riesling

  • Steve Numbers
    Steve NumbersPackaging Supervisor
    BackSteve Numbers

    In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and everything Nintendo.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Bourbon Barrel Stout

  • Terry Schetter
    Terry SchetterApple Press Lead
    BackTerry Schetter

    Terry loves the plant world! Apples, hops, barley, oats… if it grows outside Terry can tell you all about it. Also a note from Terry “The Hazeway IPA is a beautifully balanced beer and should be consumed by all!”

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Gold Rush

    Favorite Winding Path Beer:
    Hazeway IPA

  • Anthony BeanerGeneral Manager
    BackAnthony Beaner

    Anthony loves Cider now that he is around it everyday! He also loves spending time with his daughter and wife when not at The Farm.

  • CHELSEA MARSHMarketing Coordinator/Innkeeper

    Chelsea loves being a jack of all trades. She has been an aviation dispatcher, farm manager,  professional rock climber, teacher, and so much more. In her off time Chelsea loves to travel with no destination in mind, write poetry, and play her ukelele.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider:
    Tie between Black Cherry and Original

  • Dustin Moyer
    BackDustin Moyer
    Dustin loves the outdoors and is big on long distance hikes, his longest hike to date was 38 miles over 4 days!
    Favorite Wyndridge Cider: Tessellation
  • Alex RauController
    BackAlex Rau

    Alex grew up on a farm, so he enjoys all things outdoors! Archery, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and backpacking with his Fiancé are a few of his favorites.

    Favorite Wyndridge Cider: Apples & Oranges

    Favorite Winding Path Beer: Hazeway IPA

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