Farm-Brewed Craft Beer

Hop Plant IllustrationHop Plant Illustration

Year-Round Offerings

  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Hazeway IPA
  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Sunset Lager

Seasonal Offerings

  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Scion Graf
  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Tropical Berliner

Silo Series

  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Wai-iti Motueka DIPA
  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Double Enigma DIPA
  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Talus Bru-1 DIPA
  • Winding Path Brewing Co. Can: Lotus Sultana DIPA

Necessity always
leads to innovation...

After years of improving our process, and working to develop our techniques and sourcing the best ingredients,Winding Path Brewing Company was born. Originally known as Wyndridge Farm Brewing, the search to name this new brand began. In the Old English translation the word “Windridge” means “Dweller at a ridge with a Winding Path”. It was only fitting that our name became the planted root of what we had already started to grow. We are proud to put Winding Path Beer on the map with intention, identity, quality and purpose.

Meet Our
Head Brewer

Irena Wise has been brewing professionally for 9 years, since August of 2011. She started out by volunteering a craft brewery on the bottling line while she was still working on her BA in Chemistry from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Upon completion of her degree, she was hired at that same brewery. There, she started cleaning tanks and filling kegs and worked up to brewing.

Originally from Detroit, Irena decided to return to the East Coast in 2014. She took a job at Victory Brewing and eventually worked her way up to on-shift manager at their Parkesburg facility. During her time with Victory, Irena learned about equipment installation. She also learned how to brew with each new year’s crop of malt and hops, agricultural products that vary slightly from harvest to harvest, sometimes having a big effect on the resulting brew! In 2018, Irena took a hiatus from brewing professionally to become a certified master brewer. She attended a six month course at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB), where she studied with the most promising up-and-coming brewmasters from countries like the Ukraine, Greece, and Argentina. Topics of study there included in depth analysis of water chemistry, malting, and fermentation. And she finished first in her class!

Irena joined Wyndridge’s staff in January of 2019. She’s excited about developing a contemporary, exciting catalog of beers. She’ll use her background in classical German brewing technique to show just what this brew system can do!

Irena Wise - Head Brewer, Winding Path Brewing Co