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5 Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding

Nowadays, planning a wedding can be just as stressful as a full-time job. Not only can it be exhausting and time-consuming, but also costly. Recently, there has been a growing trend for more and more intimate weddings. Many brides have found that scaling down their weddings offers a unique and enhanced experience for themselves and their guests.

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1. Downsizing The List

With an intimate wedding, one can avoid many challenges that come along with figuring out the guest list. Co-workers or distant relatives are more understanding when left off the guest list, due to the nature of the event (this also makes seating arrangements ten times easier). Having a smaller party also opens a wide variety of potential venues, such as The Inn at Wyndridge Farm, that are unique and unlike any other. Most importantly, with minimal guests attending, more quality time can be spent with close friends and family.

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2. A Destination Wedding

Who doesn’t love a destination wedding celebration? With smaller parties, it’s more affordable than one would think. It’s a great solution for wedding parties who have guests traveling from geographically diverse locations. In addition, destination weddings help keep guests’ numbers low– meaning, less detailed plans, a more intimate venue and ceremony and overall minimal stress, especially if you find a venue with an in-house day-of coordinator and catering team like Wyndridge Farm. A destination wedding offers an exciting opportunity to find romantic and secluded places to tie the knot, which can lead right into one’s honeymoon getaway.

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3. Choosing a Non Traditional Venue

Scaled down weddings allow for creativity and to really think outside the box when it comes to choosing the perfect venue. This is where one can make it really sentimental by choosing someplace with a special meaning– where they met, a first vacation together, or place to cross off their bucket list.

Bride and Groom with LLamas

4. Splurge on Your Guests

Unlike traditional weddings that can cost anywhere between $25,000 – 50,000 for 150 guests, an intimate wedding with a smaller guest count allows for one to spend more per person, while still saving. This will enhance the guests’ experience without going over budget. Upscale catering and desserts, extravagant party favors, or even unorthodox entertainment are details you and your guests will remember.

Mimosa Brunch

5. Let There be Brunch!

Maple Bacon, French Toast Casserole, Bloody Marys and Mimosas! Who could say no to that? A huge perk for small intimate weddings is the affordable, yet classy Brunch option that venues like Wyndridge Farm offers. This allows for an overall early start to that special day. With an early morning ceremony, everyone can relax and celebrate the day away.

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