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Dry Cider January: Healthier Cider Alternatives

Start off the new year with Dry Cider January! The American Cider Association has announced that January is Dry Cider month.  Dry Ciders are those that contain 0 grams of residual sugar, and use the natural flavors of the apple.

Scott Topel, the Head Cider Maker at Wyndridge Cider Co., has talked to us about a few dry ciders produced at Wyndridge.


PA Gold Rush (Scotts top Dry Cider pick!)Wyndridge Cider Can: PA Gold Rush – Fermented with Golden Rush apples, PA Gold Rush has subtle citrus flavors and a natural spicy sweetness. This is a Dry Cider that you can find in stores near you by using this Beverage Finder


Golden Aged Wyndridge Cider 750ml Bottle: Golden Aged  Gold Rush apples fermented on Gold Rush and Golden Delicious skins with wild yeasts and matured over the winter is how Golden Aged Cider is made. This dry, tannic and balanced cider is apples only and has no yeasts, sulfites or other additives.


Stayman Wyndridge Cider 750ml Bottle: Stayman– This bone-dry cider is fermented wild and allowed to undergo secondary fermentation over early spring. It is blended with 10% Dabinett apples for structure.


Vitis Wyndridge Cider 750ml Bottle: Vitis-Vitis is a hybrid of Gold Rush, Stayman and Jonagold apples fermented wild in an open vessel on 500 pounds of Chambourcin grape skins utilizing the punch down method. This dry cider/wine is then matured in French oak for 6 months.


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