Wyndridge Vines - Moscato Mule

Three Ways to Enjoy the Moscato Mule

Tis’ the season of the mule! Wyndridge Vines, located in Dallastown, PA, recently release a Moscato Mule. The sparkling mule is a fermented fruit beverage with moscato grapes & pressed dates. Fermented dry and infused with pressed ginger & lime juice.

Here are three tasty ways to enjoy this limited release while it last!

1. Straight from the Can

Moscato Mule Can next to full glass

Enjoy right out of the can or on the rocks! Super light & refreshing for a 7% ABV beverage.

Garnished glass of Moscato Mule

2. Create a Cocktail!

You’re classic Mule with a fantastic twist! Great for get-togethers, warm days or “It’s Happy Hour somewhere” refresher.


  • 1 oz Blueberry Vodka (or fruit flavor of choice)
  • 5 oz Wyndridge Vines’ Moscato Mule
  • 2.5 oz Wyndridge’s Black Cherry Cider
  • Muddled Berries

Shake well and garnished with a lime wheel and fresh berries.

3. DIY Slushy

Moscato Mule Slushy

Quick, easy & absolutely delicious! For a single serving, you will need one can of Moscato Mule, Ice and lime (optional).

Pour the Moscato Mule into the blender and add ice. Continue to “blend” until mixture is slushy. Squeeze half a lime and mix once more. Garnish with lime wedge.