Fresh Picked Apples

Wyndridge Farm Expands Cider Operations

Wyndridge Farm, a Dallastown, Pennsylvania brewery, cidery, restaurant and event venue now produces fresh cold pressed cider with the addition of an on-site apple press. The apple press will enable Wyndridge to partner with area orchards, including Peter’s Orchards in Adams County, to produce a wider variety of apples, tailored specifically for unique hard cider needs, including Bittersweet apples, a variety that is not typically found readily available on the east coast.

Accordion Style Apple PressWyndridge will produce 3000 gallons of cider per day, processing 800 bushels of apples per day using an accordion style press and processing equipment, custom built for a much more optimal production speed. The Wyndridge apple press will increase the quality and flavor of cider blends through hand selected apple varieties which will be juiced, immediately fermented and canned at Wyndridge Farm. “We will be helping to put old varietals back in the ground, including cider specific apples, with a higher tannin content to producing more complex flavors with higher natural sugars resulting in higher alcohol content.” stated Scott Topel, Wyndridge Head Cider Maker and Operations Manager.

Wyndridge will also provide custom press operations for cideries, wineries, distilleries, and beer makers entering the cider business, in the Mid-Atlantic region. “As we expand our operation, we will continue to increase jobs and build community with our neighbors.” stated Topel. Tours of the apple pressing operation will be made available to groups near and far, increasing agritourism in the south-central PA region, and providing cider enthusiasts the opportunity to see how cider is made. Future plans are to make sparkling non-alcoholic cider, great for the holiday season. Wyndridge will also be pressing crabapples, peaches and pears to make different hard cider flavor options and increase the utilization of many different local fruits.

Brett Krosse, Farm/Cider manager will oversee the production and logistics and client relations of the Apple pressing operation. Krosse, former Brown’s Orchard Cider Manager, comes with 20 years of experience in agriculture, with awards including the 2018 Mid Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention in Hershey, PA, winning first place in the fresh cider category.

Scott Topel, Head Cider Maker and Operations Manager, will be working with Krosse to source the apples and producing the blends. Topel won two gold medals in Glintcap two years in a row (2016 and 2017) and has over 20 years of cider making experience with cider education from Washington State University and Cornell. Topel will be traveling to England this October to continue his education in traditional cider making methods.