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Dallastown PA: 885 South Pleasant Ave. (717) 244-9900
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Wyndridge Beverage Releases New Brand

Wyndridge Beverage Releases New Brand

Introducing Wyndridge Vines

Making its debut, Wyndridge Vines will be hitting shelves in South Central Pennsylvania this month!

Wyndridge Beverage in Dallastown, PA is excited to introduce its new brand Wyndridge Vines. Wyndridge Vines is comprised of a variety of selected fermented fruits. A variation of flavors will be released throughout the year in retail stores across Pennsylvania.

Discussion for this project started back in October of 2019, with production beginning in February of 2020. Creating fruit-ripened beverages was an easy segue for Cidermaker Scott Topel. Cider production at Wyndridge Cider Co. often utilizes various fruits versus solely using apples for its cider profiles. With Topel’s past experience and knowledge this made the transition seamless. The first release of Wyndridge Vines is a Sparkling Rosé. Topel describes this beverage as, “a classic Rosé to compliment every meal or occasion at your table. By itself, it’s a satisfying glass to have at the end of the day”.

Wyndridge Vines Rosé is now available for purchase at Wyndridge Farm and Brown’s Orchards. Lookout for additional releases from Wyndridge Vines in the near future.

About The Cidermaker

 Scott Topel has been making hard cider for over 18 years. Starting in upstate NY using all apples from local farms, he honed the craft on a small scale. While attending UC Santa Cruz where he completed a degree in Music with high honors, Scott founded and ran a craft cidery in Felton, CA, which is still in operation today.

After college, Scott studied commercial hard cider production amidst hundreds of miles of orchards in Northwest Washington at the University of Washington’s agricultural extension center. Later while attending graduate school in Milwaukee at UWM, Scott further explored cider making with Aeppeltreow Winery in Burlington, WI.

After moving back east in 2012, Scott began working as a hard cider consultant for various breweries and wineries helping to launch several very successful ventures. With Wyndridge from the beginning, Scott is Head Cider Maker at Wyndridge Farm and manages all cider production from pressing to packaging. With a focus on obtaining the best possible fruit from 100% PA farms, he’s looking to express the character of our local orchards with his hard cider while trying unconventional yeasts and fruit blends to create new flavor experiences. Onsite at the farm Scott usually has around 10 cider side projects including things like honey ciders, mojito ciders, fruit ciders and various barrel aged ciders from wine, brandy, tequila, whiskey and bourbon barrels. He’s looking forward to exploring new markets with Wyndridge and continuing to grow while staying true to a full juice cider, never fermented with concentrate.

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