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Dallastown PA: 885 South Pleasant Ave. (717) 244-9900
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Craft Beverages

American, Farm-Crafted Beer and Ciders

The Food

Nature-Inspired Menu
  • brunch at Wyndridge Farm

    Now Serving Brunch

    Sundays from 11:00am to 2:00pm Learn More
  • Cider Variety Pack & Apricot Cider

    New Cider Variety Pack

    Available Now. Learn More
  • Wyndridge Farm Honeycrisp Cider

    Cider Release

    Limited Edition: Available 12/22 in our Farm Store.
    Learn More
  • Wyndridge Valentine Dinner Banner

    Valentines 4-Course Dinner

  • Limited Edition Rum Coconut Snow Owl

    Rum Coconut Snow Owl

    Limited Edition: Available 12/30 in our Farm Store.
    Learn More

Celebrate Life

Weddings & Celebrations

Crafty Beverages

Beer, Hard Ciders & Farm Sodas

Living Crafty.(News & Blog)

  • Limited Edition Beer Release

    Rum Coconut Barrel Aged Snow Owl. On sale in our Farm Store on December 30th! This special release of our Snow Owl Imperial Stout spent three months aging in a barrel with coconut, cacao nibs, and rum soaked oak chips. Notes of coconut and lightly toasted oak marry with the gingerbread spices in the Snow… read more »

  • Limited Edition Cider Release

    Wyndridge Farm Brewing Limited Edition Honeycrisp Cider   Cider master Scott Topel is releasing a Honeycrisp Cider just in time for Christmas! Only 250 bottles available in our Farm Store starting December 22nd!  Cost is $12.95 each. Fermented with 100% Honeycrisp Apples, this cider was blended with an aged cider comprised of Manchurian and Chestnut… read more »

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Crafty Beverage Finder

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It All Started By Accident

What does it take to stop everything and follow your dreams? Wyndridge Farm is now a dream being fulfilled. Wyndridge is one of the area’s fastest growing beverage companies, a highly rated restaurant and a uniquely beautiful event space. So, how did this all start? Well, it was really by accident … literally.

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