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Dallastown PA: 885 South Pleasant Ave. (717) 244-9900
Wyndridge Swag Store

Cidermaker Select

Cidermaker Select



Maple Bourbon: Cider fermented and matured in Bourbon barrels used to age maple syrup.

January – March | 4-Packs

Alc. 7.5% by Volume. 





Loganville Styre: Styre is the name for tannin-rich apples used solely for cider making. Long maturation brings out the rich apple flavors and balanced acidity.

March – June | 4 – Packs

Alc. 6.9% by Volume.





Guava Lime: A tropical nose & citrus finish. Apples blended with fresh Guava puree & lime zest. 100% real fruit, no flavorings.

July – September | 4- Packs








Normandie:  A naturally sweet, lower ABV cider fermented very cold over 6 months inspired by the French tradition of keeving. It’s like biting into a ripe apple.


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