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The Hunt Series

Seasonal Beer & Cider

The much anticipated third release of The Hunt Series has arrived. The 2018 Hunt Series has some incredible offerings and fantastic new packaging.  This selection of farm-crafted seasonal beer and hard cider uses only the freshest ingredients from the hops, grain and local apples to seasonal flavorings such as fruits and herbs.  Available on draft & canned.

Serving February – May


Black Cherry Cider

Dark sweet cherry juice blended at the tail end of fermentation comprised of 100% PA pressed apples, this off dry cider retains the rich flavor of the cherries.  A natural orchard’s compliment to the apple, our black cherry cider is a full bodied stone fruit cider with sweet and tart in balance. ABV 6%


Pineapple Orange IPA

This juicy IPA was double dry hopped with a blend of citrus forward hops along with real orange and pineapple puree.  Oats and wheat join the hops and fruit to create a soft and delicate mouthfeel reminiscent of a refreshing glass of juice.  ABV 7% 50 IBU


Serving May – September


Mojito Cider

Fermented with lbs and lbs of mint, lime zest and juice, and toasted oak chips.  Slight soft tannic notes from the chips pair well with the bright acidity of the lime citrus and the aroma of mint is the first thing to greet you.  ABV 6.5%



Tropical Berliner Weiss

Tart and refreshing, this wheat beer is loaded with real tropical fruit.  The beer was naturally soured then aged with real Mango, Payaya, and Guava puree.  ABV 5.5% 10 IBU



Serving September – December


Pineapple Cider

Incredibly fruit forward cider fermented with 100% PA apples and pineapple puree.  Intense fruity nose and long full bodied finish and aroma that scream fresh pineapple.  The apple character shines through solely in the acidity and mouthfeel, but the rest of the experience is dominated by the pineapple.  ABV 6%


New England IPA w/ Honey

This double dry hopped Imperial IPA was brewed with local honey, boosting its strength and adding to the beer’s complexity.  The honey helps to balance the huge quantity of citrusy, tropical, and resinous hops used in the beer.  ABV 9% 80 IBU

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